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Yogific – Blending Yoga with Veganism

Yogific aims to develop a community of Vegan Yogis – people who love doing Yoga and living a vegan lifestyle. Yoga goes much beyond just the physical postures – Yoga is a way of life – so is Veganism. Let’s celebrate the two lovely concepts that are changing the world for better. We invite you to join our tribe! You can participate in our Yoga classes, vegan and Yoga festivals, and many other events that we organize across the world. If you’re a vegan Yoga teacher, then you can apply to get featured on our vegan Yoga teachers directory.

why vegan

How are Yoga and Veganism Related?

Ahimsa (non-violence), the first and foremost of the five yamas (restraints) described in the Yoga Sutra by Patanjali, the author of the most ancient text on Yoga ever known. Yamas  precede Asanas (postures) in the eight-limbed (Ashtanga) theory of Yoga proposed by Patanjali. It is advised to practice Yamas before attempting postures. Is Ahimsa (non-violence) only limited to prohibition of obvious use of physical force against a human? Shouldn’t it also apply to our behavior with animals? It’s time to take Ahimsa to the plate. It is a well-known fact that animals are killed, abused and tortured for meat and dairy – this amounts as violence – the difference here is that we pay someone to do it for us every time we buy meat and dairy. By going vegan,  we can stop the circle of violence against these sentient beings.

Yoga means ‘union’ – to unite your mind, body and soul or to unite your individual consciousness to the supreme consciousness or being in oneness with the universe. How can we achieve such a unity without respecting the living beings who co-inhabit the world with us?



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