Programme: Asian Wellness and Vegan Festival

Thanks to the support of very talented teachers, we have scheduled many Yoga, Tai chi and meditation sessions, Bollywood dancing, and other workshops on the day. The entry fee of only £5 entitles you to attend all  sessions for free. You don’t have to pay anything extra. The main entry fee covers everything. However, we request you to please queue outside the Yoga rooms as the entry will be on  ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. If you wish to attend two consecutive Yoga sessions, you will have to leave the room when one Yoga session ends and join the queue to enter again for the next session.

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Special Mention: Don’t Forget to Watch Awesome Dance Performances by celebrity dancer, Karan’s, Bollywood Masterclass 1.30-2pm in the theatre (details below)

Sessions at Yoga Classroom (Theatre)

The Yoga classroom is a theatre that can accommodate up to 60-70 people. The classes conducted in this room are aimed at introducing the participants to different styles of Yoga. All of the classes in this room are suitable for everyone – from complete beginners to advanced practitioners of Yoga. All classes nearly 40 minutes long and are conducted by different teachers.
10.10-10.55   Power Vinyasa Yoga with Alva

11.00-11.45    Bhuti Breathe and Flow Yoga with Samantha Trinder

11.50-12.30    Yoga of Being with Edina Didi

12.35-13.05    Gentle Flow Yoga with Louisa Koussertari
14.30-15.15   Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga with Asha Khagram

15.20-16.05    Yin Yoga with Laura and Liz

16.10-16.50    Kundalini Yoga with Malcolm

16.55-17.30    Yoga Nidra with Zita Palosi

*Please bring your own mats*

Sessions at Outdoor Wellness Space (Garden)

The Wellness Space is an outdoor area (covered with grass) that can hold up to 40  participants. All classes are 30-40 minutes long and are conducted by different teachers. In event of bad weather, an indoor space will be used for the sessions.

10.35-11.05    Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Serge

11.10-11.55    Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Tero Hynynen
12.00-12.30    Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Ava Mondal
12.35-13.10    Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Tero Hynynen

13.20-14.00     Yoga for Runners with Louisa Koussertari

14.10-14.50   Family Yoga with Svetlana

15.00-15.40   Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Tero Hynynen

16.15-17.00    Hatha Yoga with Vibhu

*Please bring your own mats*

Sessions at Meditation Room

The Meditation Room  can accommodate 40 people. The guided meditation sessions are suitable for all – no prior experience necessary. All sessions in this room are 30 minutes long.

10.50-11.20    Guided Meditation with Devraj Singh Khalsa

11.30-12.00    Pranayama and Mantra Meditation with Asha Khagram

12.15-12.45  Guided Meditation

13.00-13.30    Guided Meditation with Ava

14.15-14.45   Sanatan Kriya Meditation with Dhyan Foundation

15.00-15.30   Harmonic Healing Meditation for Self Exploration & Empowerment with Stefan

15.45-16.15    Mindfulness Meditation – Connection Body and Mind with Edina Didi

*Please bring your own mats*

Sessions at Yoga Workshop Room

This is a cozy space that can accommodate 20 people. The sessions here are a combination of theory and practice. You are free to ask questions to the teachers.

10.30-11am: Chakra balancing mudras and meditation with Krishna

11.10-11.40: Yoga Postures for Ultimate Relaxation with Sandi

11.50- 12.20: Creating an Energy Sanctuary Meditation with Dhriti

12.30-1pm: Chakra balancing Yoga Flow with Krishna

1.15-1.45pm: Learning Sanatan Kriya Dhyan Foundation


Activities and Performances

Besides Yoga and meditation sessions that will take place in 3 different spaces at the venue, there will be many other interesting activities  throughout the day.

All-day Henna and Facepainting

Where: Art Room
When: 10am-5pm – drop-in

 Learning How to Do Henna Art with Poonam Hirani

Where: Outdoor stage area
When: 11.30-12pm

Introduction to Japenese Culture: Maki Making, Kimono Wrapping and Tea Ceremony by Akemi Solloway

Where: Outdoor stage area
When: 12.10-1pm

Classical and Semi Classical Indian Dance Performances by Parminder and Resmi

Where: Theatre
When: 1.15-1.30pm

Dance Performace  by Karan’s Bollywood Masterclass: Kids, Adults and Professional Group

Where: Theatre
When: 1.30-2pm

Live Music Performance by Vegan Musican, Tally Spear

Where: Theatre
When: 2-2.15pm

Musical Chairs – A Fun Family Game

Where: Outdoor Stage Area
When: 2-2.30pm

Dance Performace  by Karan’s Bollywood Masterclass followed by a Workshop

Where: Outdoor Stage Area
When: 2.30-3pm

Pop-up Bhangra Class by Resmi and Open Dance Floor (Led by Kriti)

Where: Outdoor Stage Area
When: 3.30-4.30pm

Children’s Yoga – Run by Integral Harmony

 The founders of Integral Harmony, Melinda and Stefan, are a lovely Yogi couple who have many years of experience in teaching Yoga to children. They run developmental Yoga sessions for children with special needs at the local charity ‘Me Too & Co’. They will be at the ‘Me Too & Co’ stall from 10-11:30 offering the chance for your children to engage in some Flying AcroYoga which you are welcome to photograph for a £2 donation to the charity. They will also be running the following classes in one of our indoor spaces, again with donations being taken for the charity:


12.00-12.30pm   Integral Yoga Class for Children (4-7 years)

1.00-1.30pm      Integral Yoga Class for Children (8-11 years

4:30-5.00pm    Integral Yoga Class for Children (12-15 years)