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Panacea Health and Beauty

Panacea Health

Panacea Health & Beauty is a high street retailer of Natural Health products. “We are a family owned business. We opened our first store in May 2006 in Kingston. Our health stores specialise in natural and chemical free products, including vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies, health foods (including wheat free/ gluten free/ vegan), aromatherapy, natural skincare and make up. We believe in a natural and healthy lifestyle, from the inside and out! Our mission is to help our customers achieve great health by offering excellent health advice and excellent health products”, says team Panacea

Their stall will be a must-visit for all health foodies at the Kingston Yoga and Vegan fest. If you’re lucky, you may even get a free goodie bag.

You can get in touch with Panacea online too.

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Food For Thought
We are very glad to welcome Kingston’s most loved health food store, Food for Thought, at Kingston Yoga and Vegan Fest.  Food For Thought is a long established independent store trading for over 30 years and is renowned for selling a wide variety of healthy organic and additive-free foods that cater to all diets including wheat/gluten/dairy free, vegan and raw and far more.
Their team says, “We stock the most innovative, new-to-the-market products across our chilled, frozen & ambient range, be it the latest vegan cheese, chocolate and wine or our established range of plant-based milks, main meal ingredients or ready prepared sweet treats! We also sell a broad range of ethical and researched supplements such as vitamins and minerals, herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, toiletries and household products. Our dedicated and friendly team are passionate about helping our customers achieve their highest health potential and are always on hand to go the extra mile in fulfilling your inquiry as well as demystify or clarify the latest research.Come and visit our stand either for a warm introduction or a friendly reconnection!”
It seems like the FFT team is (un) cooking up some yummy surprises for you at the fest. You have to visit their stall to find out more…
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Brazil Active Logo
Brazil Active
Brazil Active, a fitness clothing brand, is a creation of Brazlian beauty,  Patricia Santos. She says, “I would like to make Brazilian fitness fashions available to my fellow girls here in the UK. All the products are made from Brazilian Supplex which is a very high quality material with amazing properties. It is comfortable, elastic, air and water permeable and long lasting. It can be made into beautiful colours and patterns. All designs and prints are unique, and designed with love in Brazil. ” Thanks, Patricia. We love your stuff!
Brazial Active’s range includes high performance Brazilian leggings, capris, jumpsuits, vest and sports bras for any workout or activity. Can’t wait to buy Brazil Active until the festival?  You can buy online now.

Shop Online from Brazil Active’s Website

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Barbara Fernandez –  Rocking Raw Chef

Barbara Fernandez, the Rocking Raw Chef, is passionate about freeing people from what she calls ‘total diet confusion’ by teaching them how to make ‘raw food that ROCKs’, so that people can choose health without sacrificing their time or their total foodie bliss. Featured in numerous newspapers and magazines such as Sainsbury’s and Cotswold Life, she has been working with raw food for 14+ years, and has a certificate in Raw Food Nutrition led by David Wolfe.

Head to her stall where she will be selling delicious raw vegan Falafel and Carrot Cakes – yes! made from 100% raw and natural ingredients.

Don’t forget to connect with Barbara online. Her free starter program is available at her website.

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Shambhu's - Catering with Compassion - logoShambhu’s

We are pleased to announce that the team of UK’s most famously loved vegan caterer, Shambhu’s, will be there at the fest to sell to serve their delicious and wholesome Mexican-style cuisine, their popular vegan cheesecakes, and a range of hot and cold drinks. Shambhu’s is founded by ethical vegans who are passionate about spreading the compassionate lifestyle of veganism. They organize cookery demos at many venues across UK.

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Love Yourself UK Ltd

Meet Andrea Okos, Colonic Hydrotherapist and Natural Juice Therapist and founder of Love Yourself UK Ltd.  Her mission statement is to inspire you to become the person you would like to be, while teaching you to love yourself and to achieve your dreams.

Andrea says: “At my stall we can discuss your digestive system issues and whether colonics would be a solution for you. You can even make appointment either at Kingston Natural Health Ctr or at her Sutton clinic for both colonic therapy and food intolerance test.

When food and drink is not digested properly, the larger molecules can pass through and sometimes the body reacts to them as invaders. This can cause inflammation and a wider range of symptoms from skin conditions, gut symptoms, fatigue, migraines, etc.

Many people suffer for years, being unable to enjoy a normal energetic lifestyle not knowing they might have food intolerance. You can learn more about digestive issues and food intolerance testing during Andrea’s talk at the event.

You can even have your intolerance test done right at her stall with results being ready in a week (you can choose to get them by email or meet Andrea in her clinic to discuss in details and to get her advice in next steps). YorkTest’s offer the most scientific approach available on the market – www.lorisian.com.

Prices for food intolerance testing for 75, 100 or 150 items (http://www.loveyourselfdetox.co.uk/treatments/food-intolerance-test):

  • In Andrea’s clinic at a later date: £149, £199 or £299 respectively
  • At the event: £139, £185 or £269, respectively
  • And if you order in advance and pay a deposit of 20% for a test taken at the event you will pay: £129, £169 or £239 respectively. (email: andrea@loveyourselfnow.co.uk to order).

You can find out more about Andrea at:



Andrea on Facebook

Shabari Saha – Tropic Skincare Consultant

Get ready to pamper yourself with organic, cruelty-free and vegan skincare products by Tropic at Kingston Yoga and Vegan Fest. Meet Shabari Saha:

My name is Shabari. I am a long-term vegan for nearly 20 years. I run my own vegan beauty business working with Tropic Skin Care products, and have over 2 .5 years’ experience in the industry. I do skin care, body care, make-up, suncare, and tanning products. The entire range of products is natural, vegan, chemical-free, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. They are also suitable for those who have sensitive skin and can help alleviate certain skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. As well as introducing you to my range of products at the fest, I will be offering gorgeous pamper treatments such as: mini-facials, mini-makeovers, brow definitions and hand massages. I look forward to pampering you all on the day.

We are looking forward too, Shabari.

Know more about Shabari

Shabari’s Website

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Made by Coopers
How to make any room in your house a peaceful Yoga/meditation room? Find out at this stall.
Welcome to Made By Coopers. We have designed and created a range of 100% natural, aromatherapy candles, mists and spa products. We believe what you put on the skin, and what you breathe in, should be as important as what we put in our bodies, therefore our range contains no artificial colours or synthetic fragrances, and we use food grade organic ingredients and high grade therapeutic essential oils throughout. Made By Coopers products are kind to our bodies, as well as the environment, but still has the wow factor when it comes to style. All of our products are vegan, contain certified organic ingredients and cruelty free.
Show some love online to this lovely independently-run business.

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Ladies, make you way to Jamberry’s stall to give your nails the love and care that they deserve. Gerri, Jamberry’s consultant, will be waiting for you.

Gerri says, “Jamberry are non toxic, vegan, gluten free, salon quality nail wraps that you do yourself at home.  Easy to apply with a little heat and pressure they last up to 2 weeks on hands and 4-6 weeks on toes. Come along and try out my 7 day challenge – try a wrap, wear your ordinary nail polish on the other fingers and after a week see which lasts best. Our nail wraps do not chip and retain their colour and patterns throughout wear.  With over 300 designs to choose from there is something for everyone; from plain to the wildest of patterns.  Jamberry instantly updates your wardrobe and makes your hands feel pretty while still being able to be practical.”
 Gerri’s Website
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Riverside Vegetaria

Riverside Vegetaria is one of the best vegan friendly restaurants in London. Owing to its delicious plant-based food, Riverside Vegetaria has won multiple awards and hearts of thousands of people. The restaurant is founded on the principles of non-violence, truth, love and peace.

The ethical eatery is going to donate Vegan Risotto for the festival. All proceeds from the sale of its food will go to our partner charities. We thank Riverside Vegetaria for its generosity.

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Vegan T-Shirts by Rude Veganz

We highly recommend you to check out bespoke, eco-friendly and 100% vegan t-shirts and bags for all genders by Rude Veganz. The ethical startup is founded by a lovely vegan who wants to show the connection between humans and animals through her designs. The t-shirts are hand screen printed and are very comfy for doing Yoga postures and other exercises. Their tote bag collection is quite unique too. Be sure to buy a t-shirt or two from them and support this independent ethical business.

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Careband YogaCareband

We at Kingston Yoga and Vegan Fest are delighted to have an innovative local brand, Carebands, that offer amazing hair accessories for Yogis. They say, “Careband is the ultimate no breakage, no bumps, comfort hair tie. Carebands look after your hair whilst holding it securely, helping you to create the perfect ponytail. Carebands not only reduce bumps and breakage compared to traditional hair ties, but most importantly look good when worn in your hair and on your wrist!

They are Vegetarian, vegan and 100% cruelty free. Ideal for everyday wear including sports and yoga. Suitable for all hair types & available in over 30 colours. Be sure to visit their stall and buy some for sure.

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Lazy boy vegan food


LazyBoy’s Vegan Steet Food

Indulge in some yummy ultimate comfort food in vegan style. LazyBoy’s Vegan street kitchen famously serves delicious classic street food at London markets. They say “We are gearing up to serve 100% plant based twists on Americano classics such as Nachos with pulled BBQ jackfruit and melted cheese sauce to all the attendees at Kingston Yoga and Vegan Fest.” Wow! That sounds like a perfect cruelty-free treat.

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Wellivo – Jolly Snacking 
 Get your energy fix, munch on some healthy nuts and dried fruits after your Yoga sessions at Wellivo’s stall. The family run business, Wellivo, aims to give best quality nuts and dried fruits to its customers. Their team puts in a lot of effort to bring great nuts and dried fruits (from UK and around the worldwide) to you, so be sure to stop by at their stall. They say, “We believe in Living Well by healthy eating and that’s why we are called Wellivo. At our stall you can find your supply of high quality daily snacks. We also offer a variety of beautifully designed gift packs for your friends and family who you care about their well being.
Wellivo’s Website



Nutrilite is 80 year young world’s No. 1 selling food supplement. All our products are made of botanically based organic ingredients and they are NEVER animal tested. All our products are made under our own umbrella with fruits and vegetables grown in our own farms. Upto production of final product, they are never touched by anyone.


We are number 1 direct selling company with various other brands as part of company. Our other products include beauty, home cleaning, laundry and an amazing water treatment system to give you 99.99% pure drinking water.

Visit the Website

Call: 0798 468 8898.


Arbonne International

Make your way to Arbonne’s stall at the fest to buy vegan and cruelty-free skincare products. What makes Arbonne products superior? They are naturally inspired, and scientifically tested. By integrating the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature with the principles of green chemistry — we craft products with integrity, expertise and innovation. And we do it responsibly, taking care of our earth at the same time.



Raw for Life

Satisfy your sweet tooth by eating delectable raw vegan desserts made by ‘Raw for Life’. You will get to eat cakes, brownies, chocolates, macaroons, truffles and many more 100% raw, healthy, vegan and yummy treats. Everything handmade by Reiki healer, Gabriel, and his lovely wife, Susan. They live in Feltham and are happy to deliver anywhere locally if you place an order in advance. Their slogan is ‘Eat Raw, Live Long’, and they live by it.

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 IndependentDistributorLogoGreen Your Life
Lesley will be bringing a selection of vegan products that are available through the Wikaniko EcoWarehouse.  The company aims to make the purchasing of more ethical, eco-friendly products easy and accessible for individuals who wish to switch to a greener way of life and has already done the research by selecting brands that are sustainable, ethical and do not test on animals.  Many products are Vegan Society Approved from laundry, to cleaning to personal care products as well as ingredients for cooking and consumption.  Well-known brands available are BioD, EcoEgg, Faith in Nature, PHB Ethical Beauty, The Raw Chocolate Company, Beaming Baby and our own home-grown Moringa products such as soap, oil and capsules.
Take note: You get a 10% discount if you order any product in advance and collect it at the event. So, don’t wait! Go to their website and order now! Please stick to the vegan section :)

Visit Website

Go Vegan

‘Let’s Go Vegan’ Stall

Spend some time at our ‘Let’s Go Vegan’ stall where you can find answers to any questions or doubts that you may have about going vegan. We promise to be nice, kind and non-preachy. You can also take FREE vegan starter kit, stickers, leaflets and other freebies from this stall.

chant malasChant Malas
Chant Malas, handmade by Helen (who has born and raised in Kingston, btw) in Hove, are high quality, mindfully-crafted beads made with your meditation practice in mind.  Chant Malas are created to tell a story, whether that be the story of a Goddess, the story of a journey, or the story of an individual.  Helen begins with an intention, uses this intention to guide her choice of stones, and allows the design to emerge from there.  Every endeavour is made to use only natural stones and/or seeds that have undergone only mechanical treatment (if any at all!), so no dyes and no heating.  All Chant Malas are vegan and contain no animal products or residues.
Chant Mala on Facebook
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Toe to Soul Therapy

When you get tired of all the Yoga, shopping and gobbling (yummy food), head to Lorraine’s stall to get a relaxing foot massage.

Lorraine Adams is the owner of Toe to Soul Therapy. Established in Twickenham at the beginning of 2016 Lorraine offers a variety of holistic treatments including Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology, Aromareflex, Reiki and Indian Head Massage. Lorraine says, “At Toe to soul therapy we firmly believe in balancing the body, mind and soul and feel that a full body connection brings about the deepest healing and rebalancing. Mobile treatments are offered around South West London and Surrey. Alternatively, enjoy a treatment within Lorraine’s treatment room on Twickenham High Street.”

Lorraine’s Website

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Purple Angels

Purple Angels – Unique Gifts Made from Recycled Material

Purple Angels really stand for their name – the angels magically transform ‘waste’ into beautiful gifts. Yes, you can shop for monsters and unicorns made from recycled sweaters. Or how about some bowls and coasters from discarded vinyl records? You will be truly amazed at the sheer of variety that they offer.

Remember to visit their stall to find a unique and ethical gift for a loved one or even for yourself without hurting the environment! Visit their webiste for more info.

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Powerful People’s Protein Pantry

We highly recommend you to pay a visit to Powerful People’s Protein Pantry to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty because their treats are good for you. The founder, Amy, is a Yoga and fitness instructor. Her story is so inspiring that we have to share it with you:

Amy tells, “In 2014 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) giving me an understanding as to why I had struggled with my weight but also meant that I had to re evaluate my eating and completely steer clear of any refined sugars to keep the symptoms of PCOS to an absolute minimum. On top of this I am also lactose intolerant, so this lead to restricting dairy from my diet including chocolate! I was finding it very difficult to stay away from sweet foods and felt that I needed something to satisfy the odd cravings so I began to experiment with baking my own healthy treats and after working with one of the leading health and nutrition experts in Essex started adding a vegan protein powder into the mix to balance out the nutritional profile as well as adding health benefits. I began to experiment and mastered a variety of gluten free, dairy free, soy free and sugar-free recipes that were made with a high-quality vegan protein powder. After lots of great successes, Powerful People’s Protein Pantry was born.

What makes their products more awesome is the fact that all of them are gluten, dairy, soy & sugar-free and Amy only use the finest organic ingredients including a vegan blend protein powder. Yay!

Visit their website


Yoga Leggs

Want to shop for Yoga leggings that are a combination of great design and comfort? Walk your legs to Yoga Leggs’ stall to shop for some. The best thing about this brand is that it has been created by two lovely Yogis. They say, “Yoga Leggs is a yogawear brand created with love by two like-minded yogis who met at yoga. Yoga Leggs offer beautiful and flattering higher waisted yoga leggings, positive slogan tops and yoga kitbags, perfect for keeping stylish either on or off the mat.”

You can also shop online from their website

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Jade Green Vegan

Jade Green Vegan
The Jade Green Vegan Compassionate Clothing Line has a wide range of vegan and yoga themed clothing and accessories. The founder, Jade, says, “Each item in the collection has been designed to spread a compassionate and positive message in a fun and fashionable way; furthermore, we donate a % of profits to animal charities meaning you can help saves lives whilst you shop!” That is so sweet, Jade. BTW, you should totally check out her awesome blog!
Jade’s Youtube

Lotus Hart Logo

Lotus Hart Wellbeing
If Yoga, shopping or too much eating makes you tired, then head to this stall to feel rejuvenated. Lotus Hart Wellbeing will be available to treat you to a Thai Yoga Massage. This therapy is often known as Yoga for the lazy man; you will be relaxed as Laura takes you through a series of Yoga movements and poses. The ancient and unique body therapy incorporates deep stretching and rhythmic compression. Fully clothed and on a Thai mat on the floor, the range of movement will be based on your own abilities and requirements. Just so you know, Lotus Hart is available in Weybridge and New Haw treatment spaces and also for mobile and office massage.
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come alive school logo
Come Alive School of Natural Health and Wellbeing

We highly recommend you to take one of the many wonderful courses that Come Alive offers to deepen your knowledge and transform your life. Their team say, “We make healthy living, personal development, and a positive lifestyle achievable and motivating, teaching you effective skills and techniques for long-term sustainable day-to-day change.
Courses that they offer: chakra balancing | crystal healing | colour healing | mind & body balance | digestive health | sleep solutions | positive thinking | worry management | stress relief | meditation | mindfulness | relaxation | self-esteem | clutter clearing | energy clearing| Feng Shui

Find out more:

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The founder of a naturally amazing skincare brand, MelOrganic, has a sweet message that we would like to share with you. Melanie says, “If you’re like me, you’re probably conscious about the products you use and put on your skin. Have these products been tested ethically? What nasty preservatives have been added to them? Is the packaging sustainable? Who are actually making them? This is why just over a year ago I began researching the cosmetic skincare industry, and I was shocked. Did you know many personal skincare products contain toxic chemicals that aren’t listed on the label?! So in the interest of keeping the vibes positive, I’ll stop right there. Needless to say, I stopped using all cosmetic products, but I still wanted to keep my skin wrinkle free and soft with a healthy glow… Enter MelOrganic. I started making my own products, just for myself initially, but as friends and family started to notice the difference in my skin, they began to ask what I’m using, so I showed them and the response was overwhelming! Fast forward year: I now have a 100% organic, preservative and cruelty-free, hand crafted skin care range.”
Remember to visit Melanie’s stall. If you’re lucky she will give you a pamper with her Nourishing Himalayan Salt Scrub!

Visit MelOrganic’s Instagram


skinyoga logoSkin Yoga

New to the UK comes SkinYoga a 100% Natural Vegan cruelty-free skincare brand from India, inspired from ancient times adapted to our modern day lifestyle. Every ingredient in the SkinYoga product is procured from its place of origin where nature plays its role to produce them, not pesticides and plant growth hormones. The products are completely dry which ensures that the ingredients remain in their most active state and when ready to use simply activate by mixing with water.  Wondering why is it called Skin Yoga? The founder, Jan, explains, “SkinYoga was formed to create solutions for people who want to adapt to a natural lifestyle, which leads to peace and purity of mind, body and soul. Like Yoga discipline the products are designed in accordance with the principles of harmony and balance, free of Toxins and chemicals SkinYoga is based on the premise that true skincare evolves in synergy with nature.” Wow! Sounds like a stall we must visit :)

Visit their preferred stockist

i am natural

I am Natural

We are really looking forward to host this ethical beauty startup who is coming all the way from Kent. You can now treat your delicate skin to naturally made products by ‘I am Natural’. The team says, “We make vegan organic skincare suitable for men, women and children. Every cream, shampoo and lipbalm is made using the finest natural & organic ingredients. Customers often ask how we can provide such fantastic organic skincare products at low prices and are impressed to discover that everything is hand crafted by ourselves in our aromatherapy kitchen in the heart of the Kent countryside.

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logo love rems

Love Rems
Visit Love Rems’ stall to try their lovely range of natural body butters. We can assure you that you will fall in love with  LoveRems. Their teams says, “We make and sell handmade natural products such as Body Scrubs and Body Butters. All products are made from natural ingredients, they are chemical free and vegan. They make excellent gifts for friends and family or you can treat yourself.”
Intuitive Oils
Intuitive Oils

We feel very happy to support a very talented local artist, Anna Dyson, who is going to display her art at the festival. Please remember to visit her stall.

Here’s what she has to say:

“I am an artist based in Kingston Upon Thames in South West London and all my work is made with animal free products. I work in a spontaneous style and find that this a creative outlet for me to express myself which is something I have some difficulty with due to having Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. My style and approach to the way I now paint developed as I discovered I was experiencing problems with reading text, however painting has now become a positive and important part of my day to day life. I gain pleasure in the different ways people of all ages react to my work and the way they see things in my paintings that are important to them.”

Explore Anna’s art on her website

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neals yard remediesMichelle Page from Neal’s Yard Remedies
Say ‘Hi’ to Michelle who is going to offer a range of organic household and skincare products from Neal’s Yard at the festival. Neal’s Yard Remedies is an organic skincare and beauty brand, founded in 1981 in Neal’s Yard, Convent Garden.It has the World’s largest range of Organic Health and beauty products certified by the Soil Association. They have skincare for every skin type, makeup, essential oils, diffusers, massage oils, herbal creams and salves, soothing syrups and pastilles, super-foods, bath products, mother and baby products, teas, vitamins, deodorants and men’s grooming products.
Shop Online from Michelle’s Website

Greenpeace Logo


Learn more about world’s most well-known activist organization, Greenpeace, at the Kingston Yoga and Vegan Festival. Team Greenpeace says, “‘We defend the natural world and promote peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, and championing environmentally responsible solutions.”

Be sure to visit their stall and sign-up to become a part of Greenpeace.

Visit their website

 sorai sauces
Sorai: Flavours of Borneo

Experience the essence of Borneo’s cuisine with added fusion – try the unique range of vegan sauces from Sorai. Team Sorai says, “Our artisan versatile sauces are suitable for use as a condiment, cooking, marinating and dressing. Available in currently 4 spice heat levels, there are also options of low fat, salt and sugar. Sorai embraces healthy eating and ethical living and our ethical values flow within our business. We believe that Sorai’s sauces can enhance one’s cooking and dining experience..”  So be sure to give Sorai sauces a try!

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rogue gypsy logoRougue Gypsy

Rogue Gypsy is a small UK business founded by Adele and her Fiance and Graphic Designer, Chris in 2015. Adele has always had an interest in crystals and in particular, crystal healing. Through her love of holistic therapies and jewellery, Adele wanted to create a business where other people could source and purchase beautiful pieces that will not only heal them spiritually, but are fair and affordable in price.  

Visit their website

If we could tell you it’s possible to heal yourself and your loved ones with products which are 100% natural and pure, would you be interested to learn more? doTERRA essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and are carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. Essential oils come from seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. As well as their beautiful fragrance, they have been used for millennia for food preparation, beauty treatments and healthcare practices.
The doTERRA team would love to talk to you more about the benefits of essential oils and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle so please visit their stall.
Visit their Website
danya dates companyThe Medjool Date Company
The Medjool Date Company is a small family run business that concentrate on this one amazing fruit. Their lovely teams says, “With our Jordanian roots and heritage, it seemed only natural for us to source these heavenly fruits from farmers in Jordan who are as passionate as us about these dates. Our Medjools are a deliciously fleshy date, bursting with sweet honey, toffee and caramel like flavours. They are stacked full of goodness and hold many vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making them a great healthy and delicious every day snack. They are high in fibre, and contain no fat or cholestrol, making them nature’s ‘guilt free’ treat!”
Sounds yum! Please stop by at their stall and check out their delicious Medjool dates and a brand new range of date-based energy balls and chutneys!”
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df-01Dhyan Foundation

Dhyan foundation is a spiritual and charitable organisation committed to the cause of spreading awareness about the authentic path of yoga, as laid down by Sage Patanjali 4500 years ago. It is a unique organization run solely by volunteers. Besides conducting Sanatan Kriya workshops and classes, Dhyan Foundation also teaches the ancient sciences of spiritual healing, Vedic chants, physical fitness and training, Vedic secrets to anti-ageing and havans for interaction with Gods. The Foundation is actively engaged in a host of charitable activities including free distribution of food at multiple places, saving wildlife and looking after injured animals (Feed a Dog, Save a Cow), running schools for street kids, sponsoring higher education of the poor, finding employment for the unemployed, spreading awareness about environmental issues etc.

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Forever-Logo-1954x1324-HIForever Living

Forever’s products relate to health, nutrition, weight management, sports, skincare, beauty and even animal care. Forever Living is a member of the Direct Selling Association and holds the prestigious Investors in People Gold and Champion award. Forever Living prides itself on being against animal testing and for producing products that are gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

Visit their website

Dress Up In You logoDress Up in You
Purity, Potency & 100% Freshness
Those are the 3 absolutes that Dress Up In You, and their partner, multi-award-winning vegan, cruelty and toxin-free skin care & beauty brand, Ringana, live by. London-based team of two, Sveta & James are passionate about green beauty, toxin-free living & about bringing the freshness revolution to the UK. The duo says, “For too long the public have been unknowingly using products filled with toxic chemical & synthetic ingredients believing all the while that they were safe for use and even beneficial.”
Their discovery that all is not what it seems in the world of skin care & cosmetics inspired them to create Dress Up In You and to introduce Ringana, the world’s first and only 100% fresh, vegan skin care brand, to the UK.Thanks, Sveta and James. We are sure that your awesome stall will attract many conscious visitors.
To find your skin type and the vegan, toxin-free skin care products your skin craves, take their Skin Type Test here
Discover Dress Up In You’s full product range on their Ringana partner page 
magnetix logoMagnetix Wellness

Have you heard of ‘Healthy Jewellery’? Visit Magnetix Wellness’ stall at our fest. Samantha, the founder of Magnetix, specialises in jewellery and accessories containing magnets which stimulate the supply of nutrients to all the major organs and give the body a natural boost. Samantha says, “Our body’s circulation is the secret to our well-being, helping our body to feel in ‘full swing’ naturally. Wearing magnets can help with many symptoms such as lack of energy, arthritis, sleeplessness, migraine, aches & pains, menopause, lack of circulation and more.”

Visit their Website

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Hooty Bakery

Gobble up some vegan treats at Hooty Bakery’s stall at the fest. Gemma Singh, the plant-based chef and founder of Hooty Bakery says, “Hooty Bakery was created from my deep love of baking and a passion to bake vegan treats that both children and adults can enjoy together. We endeavour to source all our ingredients locally and have a variety of cupcakes and baked treats totally palm oil free by using our own butter recipe! Our speciality free from and vegan cheesecakes are a delicious and cruelty-free treat for the whole family. Come along and pay us a visit, we will be happy to discuss how we can help create your perfect vegan speciality cake and baked treats for any occasion”.

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Mo Juicy has been serving delicious juices and smoothies to people since April 2014. During the summer, it can be found in Richmond, Ealing, Brentford, Twickenham, Windsor and other various events in South East England.

Customers can have the option to build their own juice or smoothies (ingredients permitting) or choose from the set menu.

The founder, Miranda (who is also a passionate Yogi BTW) says, “All ingredients are fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices, ideally these would be source ingredients locally but we can’t grow oranges and ginger in the UK. The reason I make all drinks on the stall is to ensure the drinks contain live enzymes and that the vitamins and minerals are at their prime. This in turn provides a nutritious and delicious re-hydrating beverage. All my products are non-alcoholic and do not have any added sugar.”

Visit their Website


Ishara Organic

Ishara Organic is happy to bring you quality Sri Lankan Coconut produce sourced from sustainable ethical farming to Kingston Yoga and Vegan Fest. They say, “Our delicious range of products are gluten-frree and dairy free, making them great for vegans, and free from additives or preservatives. Try baking with our organic coconut flour, or use our organic coconut cream in your desert recipes of asian curries. Full of fragrance and flavour, our products are great for healthy, holistic living.”

We hope that you will get your supply of super coconut products from Ishara’s stall.

Visit their Website

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Eat Moringa

Eat Moringa has been establishing a network of local moringa farmers from India to Africa and the Caribbean over the past few years! The founder, David, says, “We are aware of the consumption of moringa in the UK, so we’re on now on a mission to change the way business is done, by working with people on the ground to plant more moringa trees!

We hope to build more relations abroad and improve the concept and ideas of growing moringa using methods like permaculture!The more local farmers we work with on a global scale, this will help to empower people on the ground overseas, as well as establishing a high-end product from the raw material called Moringa! Currently, we have farmers locally in South India, Ghana, Nigeria, where we produce
Moringa leaf, powder, tea, seeds, soap, Shea butter and so much more!

Our charity will soon be launched to help encourage more locals to get moringa in their diet in places they can’t get access to it! Sharing is Caring will be our main aim of the charity!We truly believe in the balance of working with farmers directly, and at the same time keeping people healthy here in the West!”

They also have a new range of raw vegan moringa snacks which will be launched on the day of our fest. Yes, our lovely attendees will be the lucky ones to try Eat Moringa’s new products.

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zen birthZenBirth

“Peace on Earth begins with birth’

Hypnobirthing helps you to achieve a calm, comfortable, beautiful birth experience. It helps you to get rid of any fears or anxieties you may have. And gives you the tools you need to have the birth that you choose. Hypnobirthing empowers women to trust in and use their body’s natural abilities to bring about a calm and comfortable birth. It teaches women that they don’t have to be afraid of birth and, when they trust their bodies, they will relax during, and even enjoy, the physical sensations of childbirth.

Zenbirth was founded in 2011 by Gina Potts and now operate throughout London. Locally you are serviced by Mara Fekete (SW London) and Sophia Smythe Davis (Surrey) and we offer group or private courses in your own home.

At ZenBirth we all believe that birth can be a positive, empowering experience for both the mum and the baby too. Using simple breathing techniques and specific relaxations, mothers and their birth partners can create a calm, positive atmosphere, where they feel comfortable. With a bit of practice, they are able to change their mindset about the fear of childbirth.
The ZenBirth practitioners are all passionate about childbirth, and most of us personally experienced the positive effects of hypnobirthing, at the birth of our own baby. This is why we are committed and why we became practitioners, because we believe that birth is not something to be scared of.

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