Talks at Kingston Yoga and Vegan Festival
Woman giving speech.

Besides treating your body with Yoga and your tastebuds with yummy vegan food, nourish your mind as well at Kingston Yoga and Vegan Festival. We have 13 very interesting talks scheduled throughout the day. The talks are only 15-minutes-long and are conducted by our talented speakers without the use of powerpoint presentations.

10.30-11am:    Typical Digestive Issues: Reasons and Solutions by  Andrea

11.10am-11.30am:    Architecture of a Yoga Posture by Margaret Dane

11.40-12pm:   What Does Physiotherapy Say About Yoga by Emma Higgins

12.10-12.30pm:    Mystic Hypnotism: How do we perceive the world by Kamal Tyagi

12.40-1pm:       The Mind and How it is Paramount to our Lives. Reflections from a Life in Buddhism’ by Tenzin Josh

1.10-1.30pm:    Juice up Your Life by Miranda Key

1.40-2pm:    Bhuddi Yoga- The yoga of wisdom Kamal Tyagi

2.10-2.30pm:    Should You Be Concerned About Toxins In Your Skin Care Products? by Sveta & James from Dress Up in You

2.40-3pm:    Ahimsa and Veganism Nitin Mehta MBE

3.10-3.30pm:    Raise Your Mood Through Your Food by Barbara

3.40-4pm:    Staying Healthy Naturally by Tara from Om Tara Yoga