Meet Your Teachers

Meet our lovely team of teachers (based in Richmond and surrounding areas) who are going to share their gift of Asian wellbeing techniques with you. We are glad to tell you that these kind-hearted teachers are going to teach for free at the fest so that we can raise more funds for our partner charities and spread some Yoga love. Thank you, dear teachers


Tero Hynynen

We are so lucky to have Richmond’s famous Chinese martial arts school on board. Here is a message from Tero, who is going to teach Tai chi and Qigong at the event.

I was born and grew up in Finland, where I began learning Chen and Yang style Tai Chi, together with Qigong and weapon forms. in 2012 I moved to Wudang Mountains, China, where I spent almost a year learning the Wudang Arts. Currently I’m teaching groups in Richmond in two places, I also have private students. My background is in healthcare; I worked as a nurse in neurosurgery ICU for 12 years, I also hold a diploma in Art Therapy, Logotherapy, nutrition therapy and herbal medicine. Teaching Tai Chi and Qigong is where my passion is. I feel honoured to be able to pass on the rich tradition of these Chinese Internal Arts to students, helping people regaining their health, internal and external balance, becoming more energetic and happy. Fair enough – Tai Chi & Qigong isn’t the easiest thing out there. But if you persist practicing, you will also reap the benefits. Learning needs to happen “wa ba wa” or “one by one”, as they say in China. Website at

Tai Chi & Qigong at Asian Festival with Tero (Bei Hai): we’ll be doing segments from different Tai Chi and Qigong traditions, incl. 5 Animal Qigong, Yi Jin Jing (muscle and tendon change classic), Yuji Gong (Jade Pole Qigong), and basic Tai Chi movements. All the movements are gentle yet dynamic, balancing energy flow (Qi) in the body and opening the meridian channels. All the movements are done standing, and can (and should) be adjusted to suit one’s condition

To know more about his classes, please visit his website

samantha trinder

Samantha Trinder

The founder-owner of Richmond’s premium Wellbeing studio, Bhuti, Samantha is an accompolished Yoga teacher. Her style of teaching is widely appreciated by learners of all abilities. Know more about her Yoga journey:

“It has been my long-held dream to create a community space that enables people discover their inner ‘bhuti’ and I created bhuti to spread the transformational benefits of yoga.I teach mindful hatha yoga suitable for all levels which can be more dynamic or  restorative depending who shows up.  I teach 1-2-1s and offer Yoga Therapy.

I teach mindful hatha yoga suitable for all levels which can be more dynamic or  restorative depending who shows up.  I teach 1-2-1s and offer Yoga Therapy.

My first enquiry into yoga was at university in the 90s, began regular practice after the birth of my son with teachers from different yoga traditions including Iyengar, Sivananda, Vinayasa and Ashtanga.

I never thought I could become a yoga teacher as I had been a chubby, un-sporty child, unable to do a forward roll let alone stand on my head, a failure at ballet, and always suffering from a restless, anxious mind. I have since learnt that our only limits are those we impose on ourselves and the practice of yoga helps us overcome these limiting beliefs, and fulfil our potential in every area of life. I firmly believe yoga ((meaning ‘union’)) is for everyone  is for everyone, and never more needed than now.

I am a 500hr International Yoga Alliance accredited teacher, trained by Conrad Paul (Sivananda), Ruth White (Iyengar) and have completed a 500 hr Yoga Therapy Diploma with Yoga Campus . I have also trained with master teachers Max Strom, Richard Freeman, Rod Stryker, Donna Farhi, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. I am an eternal student, learning as much from my students as my teachers, it is a joyful journey”, says Samantha with a beautiful smile.

To find out more about Samantha and Bhuti, visit this website

asha yoga teacher

Asha Khagram

Asha is a well-known Yoga teacher in Surbiton. She has been trained in three styles of Yoga – Iyenger, Shivananda and Ashtanga. Asha has taken the best from all these disciplines and created her own style. She regularly conducts teacher training programmes and Yoga retreats.

Asha says, “Our dynamic Yoga is based on creative sequencing, moving with the breath, infused with the sun salutations, classic standing and seated postures leading to a ‘peak pose’ and finishing with guided relaxation, Pranayama and meditation.Every class focusses on a different ‘peak pose’ or theme and you will always learn something new.You can expect to gain strength, flexibility and core stability and will feel mentally uplifted and relaxed.”

Visit her website


Alva is a graduate in tradional Chinese medicine and teaches Yoga classes in Kingston and Tegddington area. She is a qualified ‘Sun Power Yoga’ teacher and has also learned Jivamukti, Sivananda and many other styles of Yoga. She says, “My aim is to create a place where we can practice yoga in its many aspects and at any level. A place where one can focus on one’s Self and feel safe and capable to allow physical, emotional and spiritual growth.”

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Laura was born in Sheffield, England and has been living in London since 1997. She has been teaching Yoga since 2009 when she qualified as a Bikram Yoga teacher in Palm Springs California. Since then she has been teaching in various studios all over London including The Yoga Loft Richmond.

More recently Laura travelled to Vancouver, Canada to train with Yin Yoga teacher Bernie Clark and is finding that this slower paced, meditative form of yoga is an excellent compliment to the more ‘Yang’ style practice of Bikram Yoga.

She says, “‘These days, especially in my Yin Yoga practice, I am less obsessed with what a pose looks like and more interested in what it feels like and what it’s functional purpose is.’

Laura teaches locally at YogaLoft Yoga studio. To know more about her. visit YogaLoft’s website

Liz is the new owner of the Yoga Loft Richmond (formerly Bikram Yoga Richmond).  Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, aka Niketown, she began running at an early age, competed in athletics in high school and moved on to marathons thereafter. After moving to Europe in the early 90s she began practicing Yoga. It was when she moved to London in 2006 that she discovered hot Bikram Yoga; not only did it relieve years of damage from high impact sports, she became faster and stronger in her running. She has been teaching Bikram Yoga since 2011 and is also trained in Yin Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates. She has taken this love of variety on board in revamping the Yoga Loft which now offers not only the classic 90 minute Bikram class, but also 60 minute Hot Yoga, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, (both warm and cool), and Inferno Hot Pilates.
Liz says, “I have personally seen how yoga, all forms, have made incredible differences in people’s lives and am blessed to be able to share what I have learned with others. I can’t help but enjoy the vision of a lovely posture, but I am more impressed by those who come in with challenges and make their progress each and every day”

Liz teaches locally at YogaLoft Yoga studio in Richmond. To know more about her. visit YogaLoft’s website

Serge Tampakakis

Serge Tampakakis

Serge is a popular Yoga teacher in Kingston and Richmond where he teaches at various Yoga studios. Serge’s Yoga journey is truly unique. Read his story:

I discovered yoga back in 2006 during my last months of military service through a transitional programme for military staff. My practice helped with alleviating stress and anxiety, woke up my body and even today keeps teaching me to be in my own power.

Before becoming a yoga teacher, I’ve been practicing as a bodyworker and massage therapist for over 6 years. During this time, I’ve supported people with a wide range of injuries, physical and emotional trauma working both from a clinical and holistic perspective.

I’ve completed my 200HR training at the House Of Yoga Putney in 2016 and continued my teacher training by completing a 35HR Forrest Yoga teaching skills course in 2017.

Expect deep, powerful assists, informed adjustments, hands on work and an invitation to practice and be in your own beauty.

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Edina Didi

A very loved Yoga teacher in Richmond area, Edina started her Yoga journey a decade ago.

Edina says, “I am a proud graduate of the British Wheel of Yoga certified TriYoga Teacher Training programme with Susannah Hoffman, Jeff Phenix and Carlos Pomeda. In my teachings I combine my knowledge of yoga with Pharmaceutical Science (BSc)and Massage practices (ITEC Massage Diploma).”

Edina Didi in her classes tunes into the group consciousness to guide the group in the most suitable yogic practices at the given time.

Edina Didi specialises in working with individuals in Yoga Therapy sessions. These sessions are bespoke practices designed for the individual.

Visit her Website

Zita Palosi

Zita started yoga over 20 years ago, having practiced different styles she qualified as a vinyasa flow yoga teacher in 2013, and has been teaching ever since. She has continued her training in ashtanga yoga in India at the KPJAYI and also learnt from world-famous teachers like Kino Macgregor, Richard Freeman and John Scott. Zita’s dynamic yoga classes provide a challenging practice allowing practitioners to step out of their comfort zone and realise their own potential. In 2014 Zita completed a pregnancy yoga teacher training Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Yoga Nidra training to incorporate meditation in the practice. Zita teaches yoga locally at Earthlife Wellbeing & Fitness, based in the arches of Kew Bridge.

To get in touch with Zita, visit Earth-life’s website


Stefan is a Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist & Holistic Healer. With his wife Melinda hefounded “Integral Harmony”, a service working with children (specialising with special needs) and adults balancing body, mind and heart to promote natural health, fitness, well-being and happiness. Stefan’s long term interests in natural healing and spirituality took him to India where

Stefan’s long term interests in natural healing and spirituality took him to India where hecompleted 200 & 500 hours of Yoga Teacher training. Through Asia he then continued to grow into his destined role as a holistic healer studying Ayurveda, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki and Ajna Light healing. Back in the UK he also studied Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong and Craniosacral techniques.Stefan’s souls purpose has always been in serving children, especially those with special needs.

He offers weekly ‘Integral Special Needs Yoga’ sessions at the magnificent ‘Me Too & Co’ charity in Richmond alongside Melinda. They share a natural and dedicated modern
times Yogi lifestyle, including a predominantly vegan raw diet. They are based in Ham, Richmond. Please visit their website to see their wide range of offerings

Melinda Moraes de Latanowski

Melinda is a Yoga/Dance Teacher & South American Healer. With her husband Stefan she founded “Integral Harmony”, a service working with children (specialising with special needs) and adults balancing body, mind and heart to promote natural health, fitness, well-being and happiness.

Melinda was blessed to have had the opportunity to study Ballet, Paraguayan Traditional
Folklore and Jazz from the age of 9 and after completing 11 years of dance in Paraguay she received an official degree as a Dance Teacher. She then discovered her deep Love for studying the depths of Yoga, particularly Kundalini & Ashtanga, and the Healing arts.

In Thailand she studied Thai Massage, AcroYoga, Reiki and Ajna Light healing. In Brazil she completed 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and studied Aerial Dance and Inner Cure Energetic Alignment. Back in London she then completed a further 500 hours of Yoga Teacher training. She offers weekly ‘Integral Special Needs Yoga’ sessions at the
magnificent ‘Me Too & Co’ charity in Richmond alongside Stefan. They share a natural and dedicated modern times Yogi lifestyle, including a predominantly vegan raw diet.

They are based in Ham, Richmond. Please visit their website to see their wide range of offerings

Louisa Koussertari

Louisa’s background originates around track running, marathons, cross training and kettlebells – all of which highly vigorous and intense on the body, whilst working within a corporate stressful environment for the last 15 years. During this time she has worked through many desk and sports related injuries and diagnosed for a genetic spine condition. Her passion for physical and mental health/overall wellbeing steered Louisa towards Yoga around 8 years ago and has since led her on a journey of taking a step back, simply listening & observing the body with an internal focus.

She teaches by her own personal experiences, adopting this in her teaching style and as a result her classes are light-hearted, experimental and accessible for all. With attention to the breath, dristhi, asanas, bandhas and with focus on alignment, strength and injuries. she adapts and adjust to give the student a nurturing and supportive experience working on building up from the foundations and with no rush or intention – just an open mind and heart.

Louisa teaches yoga locally at Earthlife Wellbeing & Fitness, based in the arches of Kew Bridge.

To get in touch with her, visit Earth-life’s website

Trained with Ieva and Gopala Yaffe from Rainbow kids yoga,  Lana is a lifetime student of yoga. Having met many wonderful teachers in her 15 years of practicing Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa yoga and Kriya yoga Lana first experienced yoga at the age of 7. Lana is certified School Teacher and Special Educational Needs practitioner (SEND).
Every Children and Family yoga class with Lana is a learning experience in which children and parents gain the tools to build, develop, and maintain a healthy body and happy mind. Each class weaves in specialised yoga, age-appropriate breathing exercises, empowerment techniques and movement. Lana’s Children yoga is designed to make a difference and have a lasting impact, while at the same time capturing the children’s attention in a meaningful and entertaining manner.

She currently teaches at Bhuti in Richmond. To get in touch with her, visit Bhuti’s  website


Louisa Koussertari

The Bearded Laughing Yogi, Malcolm Medley has been doing Yoga for a very long time, but it wasn’t until he met Kundalini Yoga in 2001that he fell in love. It was instant. He managed to keep it at arms-length until 2009 when he did his training, then things really took offand he started teaching, and also playing the Gong (his other love…).Since then his experience has been very varied, teaching regularclasses in Yoga Studios and Gyms, and occasional 1-to- 1s in people’s homes, kids in the Park, elderly people with Chair Yoga, RecoveringAddicts, Mental Health Patients, Partially-Sighted people.

He is passionate about sharing the teachings because of the benefits that he has received, and seen happening to other people. Malcolm teaches yoga locally at Bhuti in Richmond. To get in touch with him, visit Bhuti’s website

Ava MondalAva Mondal

Ava started her yoga journey over 10 years ago after it being recommended by a colleague and since attending her first ever class was hooked. ‘I remember crying during some yoga classes, not because it hurt (it didn’t) but because blocked up tension in the body was being released’

After being inspired by many teachers a well as overcoming a difficult time in her life, Ava felt the time was right to start teaching.

Ava believes with such busy lives yoga has the ability to create that personal time to connect to oneself as well as others, centre the mind and transform. And has since set up ‘it’s our time yoga’, focusing on yoga, meditation, massage and wellness, because yoga is for everyone. Ava offers restorative yoga classes and vinyasa flow yoga linking the breath to movement which is interactive, fun and with the odd joke thrown in leaving students refreshed and feeling the positive benefits of the practice, and believes yoga class doesn’t have to be so serious!

Ava is also qualified to offer holistic therapies in Indian Head Massage and Swedish Body Massage to help relax and de-stress.

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vibhuVibhu Kundra

I am a 200 hr certified Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher experienced in teaching corporate yoga, private classes and group classes in and around London.

Influenced by my eastern soul and western mind I aim to bring a sense of balance in day to day lives through my teaching. Through positive intention and a well-rounded asana, pranayama and meditation/mantra practice my goal is to have my students leave each class with a greater sense of present, where they are able to see, feel and breathe more clearly and openly.

I teach in a way that provokes thought and meaning, letting the students experience their true self. I use a good mix of English and Sanskrit language making the classes more authentic for a blissful experience. I aim to continue living a yogic lifestyle be it through asana practice, chanting mantras or devotion to that Supreme Being and lead my classes in a way that reflects that choice.

Contact Info: You can find me on Facebook or Twitter. Call me on 07831031756 or email me on to arrange Private or corporate yoga class.

Join me for group classes at BGM Entertainment, 73 St John St, Farringdon, EC1M 4NJ. Classes every Monday from 6-7pm. Try first class for FREE!