Meet Your Yoga Teachers

Meet our lovely team of Yoga teachers (from Nijmegen and abroad) who are going to share their gift of Yoga and meditation with you. We are glad to tell you that these kind-hearted teachers are going to teach for free at the fest so that we can raise more funds for our partner charities and spread some Yoga love. Thank you, dear teachers.


Doris is a yogini by heart and soul. Her teachings of yoga inspires you to bring the best out of yourself. She is teaching Anusara® Yoga next to Vinyasa and more yin related yoga styles. Doris loves to share her passion for yoga and she offers a alignment based 200 hour Teacher Training, inspired by the five elements in the Netherlands and Germany. You find her teaching classes and workshops at Yogapoint Arnhem, on Yoga Festivals or like minded events. Doris is an E-RYT registered yoga teacher.

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Fiona Patricia Mueller

Fiona can teach both Ashtanga and Vinyasa style of Yoga but she prefers Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Her Yoga classes are unique – she wishes to show that yoga Yoga is anything but swollen and vague. In her classes, she teaches flow movements that are supported by the right musical sounds. She combines the dynamic flow with the abilities of her students so that everyone feels relaxed and flexible after her lesson, but also feels like they have done a full-body workout. She says that Yoga is so much more than most people think. She wants to show people how to do Yoga to take care of one’s own body and mind in busy times. Her goal is to see everyone radiate with happiness after the class.

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My name is Angeliki. My unique trip in yoga started in 2012, playing a key role in my life and being life-changing in my personality. My devotion in yoga is entire and its influence in all levels of my daily life keeps growing. I was firstly introduced in the path of Hatha Yoga and after 200-hours training I was announced a certified Yoga teacher. From that time onwards, my interest and willingness for further pursuance of Yoga secrets led me to participate in seminars given by acknowledged Yoga instructors, such as Eddie Stern, David Swenson, Tim Miller, Eleftheria Lagoudaki, Radha & Pierre. The major shift in my teaching style happened when I started to follow the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga path. Since 2014, I apprentice next to Eleftheria Lagoudaki, which is Authorized Level I teacher KPJAYI (owner of Ashtanga Yoga Athens – The Original). As I perform my daily practice in Eindhoven under the guidance of Katia Gomez & Nick Evans, who are Authorized Level I & II accordingly, I live a life of devotion, energy and enthusiasm for Ashtanga Yoga.
After successful completion of the Second Degree of the Usui System of Natural Healing in Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, I enhanced my healing skills, as the strength of natural touch is transferred through my palms.

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Niki shares her love and passion for yoga during her classes. From an energizing flow to a soothing restorative, each lesson has its own unique structure. The connection between body and mind is central. The most important element is her class is Yogic breathing. This year Niki has completed Yoga courses in Amsterdam and Bali and she can not wait to share her acquired knowledge with you. She plans to teach a gentle restorative Yoga class at the festival which will make you super relaxed. All of her classes are suitable for complete beginners.

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Ewelina Hagen

Ewelina’s Yoga journey started when she was only 15 years old when she came across a book on Yoga. She recollect, ” Very coincidentally I took a book at the store  about the benefits of yoga. The book was called “Healing Yoga” and was been written by the Indian Swami Ravi Javalkar. I started reading and practicing the same day. After a couple of weeks I felt a big difference. Lots of energy, but also inner peace and strength, which enabled me to place and use the energy properly. Now I wish all my students to experience the same joy, peace and energy that I felt because of Yoga. In my lessons, I want to help people get to know their body, look up their limits at physical level, and grow at mental level. I want to show that yoga is for everyone and that you can play yoga playfully in your daily actions.”

In addition to being a yoga teacher, Ewelina is also a masseuse.

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In addition to being a qualified Yoga teacher, Alva is also a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.She is specialised in Acupuncture, Herbs, Tuina and Shiatsu and has love for Tai Qi and Qi Gong.

Alva started practicing Yoga in 1998 and since has been enjoying different styles of Yoga including Sivananda, Jivamukti, Astanga, Dharma Mittra and many more. She has been certified as a Sun Power Yoga teacher.Alva has great love for ancient philosophies and include those in her classes along with Pranayama, Asana and proper Relaxation. Alva also offers dedicated Yoga Nidra and Nada Yoga classes in which she is using different methods of Nidra and Hypnosis as well as sound.

Alva is currently doing her masters in Hypno-Psychotherapy in London and is looking forward to starting her Kirtan leading training with Nikki Slade.  She is fascinated with Kabbalah, Shamanism (certified Wicca) and loves baking, gigs and sunny festivals.

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Rachel Cox

Rachel has a background in dance, art, martial arts and law.  For years Rachel pursued a career in law after graduating from Queen Mary university, London and BPP Law School. She returned to her first love of holistic therapy. It came naturally to her as she had been raised in an environment that welcomed and encouraged complimentary therapies. One of her biggest influences is her mother who practiced homeopathy, reflexology, aromatherapy, iridology and massage for many years. Rachel has traveled the world to complete her various training and brings her unique zest for life to everything she does. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. She continues her personal and professional development on an annual basis, keeping up to date with the latest knowledge from around the world, developing her practice, therapies and of course, herself.

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Lissane Jansen
In her Yoga studio in Nijmegen, Lissane  teaches Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yin-Yang and Ashtanga. In this yoga style you make the connection with your breath and connect the breathing with the movements. It is a very dynamic yogastyle; so after the sun salutations you’ll move to the standing and sitting postures, with vinyasa’s in between.
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Screenshot from 2017-09-11 17-14-30Saskia

Saskia geeft Aplomb-Yoga in Nijmegen. Met deze vorm van yoga werk je toe naar stabiliteit van lichaam en geest. Het bewegen in aandacht staat tijdens de lessen centraal. Van hieruit kun je ontspanning en interne ruimte ervaren.

Saskia is tijdens een Boeddhistische stilte retraite in Azië in aanraking gekomen met yoga. Tijdens deze twee weken ging zij de strijd aan met zichzelf om de verschillende houdingen voor elkaar te krijgen. Pas jaren later tijdens de yogadocentenopleiding in Deventer bij Maartje van Hooft leerde zij wat yoga kan betekenen in zijn zachtheid en in de vertaling daarvan naar het dagelijks leven en naar je persoonlijke groei.

De yoga die Saskia geeft is gericht op lichaamsgevoel en ontspanning. De lessen kunnen gevolgd worden door mensen met en zonder yogaervaring.


After spending many years disillusioned with life Andre decided to explore Meditation as a way to find greater Peace and Happiness. He used Transcendental Meditation as the effortlessness of the technique appealed to him greatly.
However, so profound was his initial experience both in meditation and out in activity of everyday life…He couldn’t help but explore further
Over the following 8 years whilst sticking to a simple formula of meditating twice a day for just 20 minutes he found not only increased levels of Peace and Contentment but a new found Happiness that increased with each passing day.
In 2016, Andre became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation teaching in Wimbledon and Richmond for the Meditation Trust.
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Caroline Ligtenberg

Learn a unique Yoga style, Do-in Yoga, from our teacher, Caroline, at the Nijmegen Yoga and Vegan Festival.

Caroline says, “The love for all that lives and the wisdom that nature offers us everything we need as human beings makes me who I am. Earthed in nature: Sensitive, committed, and always on development: Striving for wholeness.

Years ago, I was on a verge of a burnout. As an entrepreneur, I just went on working and, as a single mother, I wanted to be there for my son too. In such a situation, I respond impulsively, and so I just subscribed myself for a Do-In Yoga teacher training. This has been a turning point in my life: Every day a moment for myself in which I practiced the Do-In Yoga and soon I saw the results. Both physically and mentally and even mentally! I felt getting more energy and quieter, although the extra pursuit. I could break through obstructive patterns and learned to stay better with myself. In all areas I became healthier and … I was suddenly Do-In Yoga teacher.

Yoga has been for 40 years in my life now and for seven years I am a World Yoga Alliance licenced Do-In Yoga Teacher.”

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Karin de Haan

Karin has many years of experience in helping mental health patients. She says. “After many courses in yoga, body work and personal development, I started  training for coaching Creative Voice and Bodywork at De Kleine Tiki in Breda.”

At the festival, she is going to teach a special workshop aimed at ‘connecting your inner self’. She explains, “In this workshop, you will be looking for the safe place in yourself. We will do this through guided visualization, voice and body work. Experience with singing or dancing is not necessary, it’s about meeting with your inner self and your personal experience along the way.”


michael EldanMichael Eldan

My first teacher was at the age of 32, and I took a course in Kundalini Kriya Yoga in Amsterdam. In told the teachter Its only for the duration of the course, 2 weeks. Than I stayed for 10 years in Amsterdam ashram and  Toronto ashram, Canada. teaching Kundalini Yoga in prisons and in classes at all locations in the country, I realized how powerful Yoga is and that it makes you realize that you are more than the name that is attached to out existence.

Now some 40 years later, I have a new teachter, and was accepted as his student and received his blessings some weeks ago during a meditation. I did not know at the time what was happening, but his presence was felt very deep, and started to cry. Never before it happen to me like this. I took up my skills and started to teach again in (near Berlin) and with the blessings of Sadhguru my new teacher who lives in a Ashram in India, whom am going to meet the first time by the end of the year. I love him deeply, and to me he is the only living self realized master on this fast changing planet. As am getting older, I love to share my experience again to  show the people that there is a way out of this so called world we live in. Finally my Yoga practice from as early as 4 am, is my sadana discipline every day without missing one time is my guide and strength in daily life.

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In her classes Sanne (RYT 200h) teaches Hatha based yoga. During her classes you’re in a pose for a while to observe what’s happening in the body, the breath and the mind.
You’ll try to find relaxation while under ‘stress’. A pose can be challenging, but with practice and by observing yourself, you’ll learn to relax in a pose. You can learn to release tension and stress and thereby move deeper into a pose. Most of all she hopes everyone feels relaxed and energized after class.Classes are suitable for all levels, because yoga is for everybody.
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Shura Glasmacher

Shura is een jonge onderneemster; oprichter en eigenaar van Het Danslokaal (Honigcomplex) in Nijmegen. Shura is in 2000 afgestudeerd als Docent Dans aan de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem (Artez).
“Dans en beweeg, voel je goed en beweeg je heerlijk vrij”,dat is de inspiratiebron voor Shura. Door haar jarenlange ervaring als danser en dansdocent leert ze haar leerlingen dansen in plaats van een dansje aan te leren en deelt ze haar passie & kennis voor dans.
Haar lessen zijn dynamische met een combinatie van elementen uit de jazzdans, moderne dans, streetdance en dynamische yoga. Er wordt aandacht besteed aan creativiteit,  loslaten, dynamiek en muzikaliteit. Dansplezier staat voorop.

Door haar ervaring als danser en dansdocent en de zoektocht naar modieuze en comfortabele kleding is het label SHURA tot stand gekomen; het label voor dans-, sport- & yogakleding. Daarnaast is ze costume designer voor de dansvoorstellingen “Ne me quitte pas” (2016-2017), “Under my skin” (2015-2016) en “Glass” (2014-2015) van Isabelle Beernaert. Het is Shura’s wens dat mensen bewuste keuzes maken en daar wil ze met slow fashion graag een steentje aan bijdragen. Alles met liefde en aandacht gemaakt.

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