Meet Your Yoga Teachers

Meet our lovely team of over 25 Yoga teachers (based in Kingston and surrounding areas) who are going to share their gift of Yoga and meditation with you. We are glad to tell you that these kind-hearted teachers are going to teach for free at the fest so that we can raise more funds for our partner charities and spread some Yoga love. Thank you, dear teachers.

Yoga Timetable

Tenzin Josh

Tenzin Josh is one of the most qualified meditation teachers in the country, he has been teaching meditation and Buddhist philosophy since 1991. A monk for 15 years in Asia he spent the first 3 years in retreat in the mountains. He then entered the monastery of HH Dalai Lama in Dharamsala studying the traditional Tibetan Geshe studies culminating in a Ba. & Ma. in Buddhist philosophy.

He also studied and practised in Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka learning all traditions of Buddhist practise and theory.

Now resident in the UK he teaches regular classes in Cobham & the Surrey area. He also teaches more advanced classes at Jamyang London and Jamyang Leeds as well as translating for visiting Tibetan Lamas.

His experience and knowledge means he is able to relate not just the basics of mindfulness and meditation but the complete rounded understanding which brings about real long term benefit.

To know more about his classes, please visit his website and Facebook page

Yelena Staniszewska

Yelena is a passionate and enthusiastic certified children’s yoga teacher, who strongly believes that there are many ways in which yoga can benefit kids and teenagers in their learning experience at school as well as in life in general. Having been a yoga practitioner since 2000, she was later inspired by her little daughter to start teaching yoga to families and their kids. She founded Yogiki Yoga – Kids Yoga Club and teaches family weekend workshops and regular kids yoga classes independently and at local schools in Kingston. Yelena also offers yoga themed birthday parties  at various other locations.

Yelena believes that children are natural yogis and her current big goal is to help children to remember who they are – beautiful and free from limitations beings – and what they inherently know by means of playful, mindful and creative yoga classes.

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Margaret DaneMargaret Dane

Margaret Dane, CCht, Yoga Elder, IYN, REPS, Level 3, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and proficient in teaching relaxation and meditation techniques with 25+ years of international teaching experience. Founder unique system of Yoga, SAY Yoga, Structurally Accurate Yoga, designed to use the body in efficient and injury-free ways. She has worked with a wide variety of people, ranging from total novices, children, mature students, office workers,post and pre-natal women, professional and Olympic athletes.

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Johanna Lovisa

Johanna Lovisa

Johanna teaches a Vinyasa Flow practise with varied choreography with focus on synchronised breathing to background music.It can be both gentle and challenging according to the participants needs. Johanna believes that yoga should be enjoyable yet a thoughtful practise to nourish the mind, body and spirit. Johanna is also the creator of Yogacub’s- creative fun yoga for children. Besides being a Yoga teacher, Johanna is also an actor and dancer.

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Tanya Buck

Tanya Buck

Tanya teaches Power Yoga and brings strong, dynamic flow to her sought after classes in Kingston. She also has a 20 year background in the Pilates and fitness industry. She says, “My major focus through all of these disciplines is to improve people’s physical strength and flexibility, stamina and stability. Through Pilates, yoga and fitness training fundamentals, I can incorporate all of them into my teaching. Aside from the physical benefits, it’s also incredibly important for me to bring a sense of balance and harmony to my teaching, encouraging conscious breathing to connect the mind, body and spirit and promote a sense of wellbeing, energy, enthusiasm and calmness.”

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Alva is a graduate in tradional Chinese medicine and teaches Yoga classes in Kingston and Tegddington area. She is a qualified ‘Sun Power Yoga’ teacher and has also learned Jivamukti, Sivananda and many other styles of Yoga. She says, “My aim is to create a place where we can practice yoga in its many aspects and at any level. A place where one can focus on one’s Self and feel safe and capable to allow physical, emotional and spiritual growth.”

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Shannon Emanuelle

Shannon is a vegan Yoga, Pilates and Barre instructor based in Surrey, United Kingdom. She teaches Hatha and Vinyasa styles go Yoga and her classes place a significant emphasis on becoming more flexible and moving the body in more directions possible. She currently conducts regular classes and workshops in various studios around Surrey and London as well as private classes. Her favourite thing about Yoga is that it has a positive impact on the mind as well as the body and hopes to encourage as many people as possible to experience the many benefits that Yoga has to offer.

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Me - Vegan and Yoga Fest

Cheryl Theodorou Abela

Cheryl began her yoga journey in South Africa in 2001 and was immediately drawn to this spiritual and holistic practice, in 2011 she undertook her 200HR teacher’s training and is accredited by CYQ. Cheryl embraces all realms of physical strengthening and has completed numerous marathons and triathlons, whilst always maintaining a solid yoga practice.

Cheryl embraces all forms of yoga; Vinyasa, Bikram, Hatha, Dharma,Ashtanga and Yin Yoga depending on her mood.She is currently undertaking her pre and post-natal training, after having two babies in the last three years she has marveled at the process the female body undergoes and is keen to work with expectant and post-natal mothers to help them through this wonderful life experience.

Cheryl’s Vinyasa class is a challenging and invigorating practice which will leave you feeling stronger and suppler. Her teaching includes variations for all levels, sensitive hands-on adjustments, a focus on correct breathing and most importantly working the facial muscles by smiling.

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Tara Parmar
Tara is the founder of the Om Tara Yoga studio in Kingston. Tara is a 200hr yoga alliance registered yoga teacher, graduating from the Sivananda Yoga School, Bahamas in 2013. She is also trained in Vinyasa Flow and teaches this method regularly. Tara stumbled across a Sivananda yoga centre in 2010 on her way home from work. From her first experience of practising yoga in a studio environment, she felt the health benefits and realised it made her happier and positive. She has practiced yoga ever since. Tara likes to encourange non competitiveness in yoga, and teaches with compassion for her students.

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Darren Luke Kelly

Darren has been one of the leading figures in the fitness movement in Europe. Trained in Les Mills workout programmes and a member of prestigious many coveted fitness associations, Darren found his true self when he started practicing and teaching Yoga.

Daren’s Vinyasa Yoga and Dude Yoga Classes in Surbiton are a practice of flowing asanas (physical poses) unified with breath, mindfulness, nourishing core work and deep relaxation. He believes Yoga can be accessible for everybody with a balance of fun, focused concentration and an empowering tool that can be used in our everyday lives.

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Michelle Finlay

Michelle Finlay

Michelle is a certified vinyasa yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga and living a vegan lifestyle for around 7 years. She undertook her yoga teacher training in Spain in the summer of 2016 following a year of travel around South East Asia. Her classes are creatively sequenced, alignment focused and backed by an uplifting playlist.  She encourages her students to take a playful approach to their practice. Michelle is currently studying for a diploma in Aromatherapy and when not practicing or teaching yoga, Michelle is a keen Scuba Diver.
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Marvin ReidMarvin Reid

Marvin Reid is a Senior Occupational Therapist with a specialist interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and moving and handling. Marvin works as a locum and in consultancy roles for local authorities in London and NHS trusts, teaching people with long term and chronic conditions ways to move more effectively and safely. Marvin also delivers public speaking events and resilience workshops to health care professional teams (care providers, social workers, managers and therapists).

Marvin’s intention in creating Chill Winston is to promote and encourage yoga as an accessible practice to all, regardless of one’s current physical, psychological and emotional state.

Marvin teaches yoga in a functional way, with a focus on honouring tradition. His work drops unsafe elements, and replaces these with therapeutic, health-restoring tools, influenced by modern-day physiotherapy, osteopathy, dance, calisthenics, martial arts and neuroscience.

Marvin has been immersed in yoga and eastern practices for 16 years, originally studying at the Sivanada Yoga School in southern India and then to really cement a strong foundation completing a 2 year RYT with the Simon Low and Eija Ternoven @ The Yoga Academy. Marvin continues to study with the likes of Julie Gudmenstad, Gary Carter, Pete Blackaby and John Stirk.

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julianeSiri Sampuran Kaur

Juliane practices Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, since a decade. She is also a children yoga teacher, certified by Starchild, that merges the beautiful concepts of Maria Motessori, Jean Piaget and Yogi Bhajan. She educated people about amazing therapeutic essential oils that she uses for healing, beauty and yoga.

She loves everything that assists individual and collective consciousness. She explores tools that raise individuals into the best-emancipated version of themselves.

Dani YogaDani – Healthy Whole Me

To Dani yoga is a journey. Her yoga journey began after surgery, chemo and radiotherapy for breast cancer treatment. She says “the first time I stepped on my mat I was worried my wig would slip off my head in downward dog”. Today I teach from the heart, with an emphasis of the ‘here and now’, the present moment being the hero pose of my classes.” Expect a fluid class with strong alignment. When Dani doesn’t teach yoga in the Kingston area, she runs plant based Superfood Supperclubs – always honouring the body & mind connection.

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Charmaine is a London based Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher experienced in teaching beginners, improvers and those of a sporting background. With a firm belief that yoga is for everybody, classes are devised to build upon stamina in a fun engaging way, whilst working within each students personal range of motion to strengthening muscles.

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After practicing yoga for 10 years, Susy decided to deepen her knowledge and practice enrolling into Yoga Teacher Training. Year after year she discovered what Yoga really means for her: compassion, balance, challenge, go over limits little by little and listen to the body.
Through her spiritual path she studied the ancient Indian compositions and went deep into the Eastern culture and religion. The journey to India reinforced her studies and she understood that Yoga was her life. She aims to bring a unique sense of empowerment to each class.
The teaching is focused on heart opening connecting with the inner part of oneself and the goal is to have you leaving each class fresh and renewed. She includes demonstrations, adjustments, physical and mental challenges to experience a unique practice.
Susy takes your hands and teaches in a way that provokes thought and meaning, bringing spiritualism and yoga philosophy into each session.She considers herself a long-life student and she is committed to learning. She lives a yogic lifestyle and her teaching reflects this choice.

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As a dancer, yoga started as something Harri did every now and then but wasn’t anything more than that until years later. After stopping dance by to injury. Harri was suffering badly with anxiety and depression and someone suggested she should try yoga to help.

She wasn’t convinced but returned to class and couldn’t believe the difference she felts in just one class. “I was hooked”, Harri says, alongside the physical challenges and benefits, she could leave everything behind at the door and just be on her mat in a safe and tranquil environment. Since then Harri’s life has changed immeasurably as yoga has crept into more and more areas of her life.

These benefits are what she wants to pass on to as many people as she can. “I’ve seen the difference yoga can make, how it can change lives and that is why I chose to teach. As people become more and more stressed with the hectic pace of life, there is a real need for people to stop, slow down and mindfully live in the moment. Just to be.

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SanjiveSanjive Vasant

Sanjive has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, from traditional Hatha yoga through to Iyengar and Astanga Vinyasa. He says, “My practice draws on these styles, as well as wider energy and tai-chi forms to create an integrated, flowing practice, to allow us to move from human “doings” through to human “beings”. For me yoga is a way of life and hopefully, always fun! – my inner child is usually not too far away! 😉
This short session at the Kingston Yoga Festival will be an introduction to the practice and I look forward to exploring it with you.”
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Priya DesaiPriya Desai

Priya Desai is children’s speech and language therapist and yoga teacher for adults and children.

She teaches power vinyasa to adults; a dynamic and energetic style of yoga, which promotes and encourages strength in both mind and body.

Priya incorporates children’s yoga into her work as a speech and language therapist, blending the creative, free-flowing and playful style of children’s yoga with language and communication therapy and development.

She enjoys the power behind adult practice as well as the creativity behind children’s yoga. From her sessions, she hopes to show you that what you experience on your mat, transfers to the everyday: confidence, self-believe, strength, resilience, joy. Join her on this exciting adventure of power, flow, and wellbeing.

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ChristineChristine Jaureguiberry – Yogaberry

Christine is the founder of Yogaberry specialising in yoga for the whole family. She is a registered yoga alliance teacher for adults and children and teaches classes in New Malden. She first came to yoga 13 years ago having suffered from back problems since her teenage years. Yoga has helped her to manage and reduce her symptoms of the scoliosis in her back and helped her considerably through two pregnancies and births of her children.
On her Yogaberry blog she writes about her journey of being a mum, a yoga teacher and bringing yoga and a healthy lifestyle into her family life.
Christine’s hatha yoga classes are playful and creative, encouraging students to respect and honour their bodies. You can expect to be challenged, learn different ways of approaching yoga asana, focus on alignment and also have a laugh or two!
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Emma HigginsEmma Higgins

A qualified Yoga teacher, holistic massage therapist and soon to become physiotherapist, Emma is known for her unique Vinyasa Yoga classes. She says, “Yoga came to me at a time when I was struggling to make sense of the many changes in my life that I felt I had no control over. Using my experience and understanding of yoga, human physiology, and spirituality, my personal mission is to share this with those who may find themselves in a similar position to where I was at  few years ago. I believe that we all have the potential to be healthy, happy humans!”

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Amanda Free

Amanda trained as a teenager under the guidance of Bikram Choudhury. She was his first teacher in the UK and has taught for 30 years.  She now also teaches her own style of hot yoga BFree.
She is the founder and owner of Bikram Hot Yoga Surbiton where she now runs a variety of hot and non heated classes.


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sheila-gibbonsSheila Gibbons

“Inspired life, thoughts, acts create a being which is whole and true
It’s time to step into your powerful you”

Attend Sheila’s Chakra Awakening Yoga class and meditation session to unlock your potential. Sheila says, “I am a transformational energy and knowledge coach, generosity is my key word, I weave magic by sharing widely one to one and in groups teaching holistic wellbeing thro yoga, food, bodywork, journeywork, dance, communication and personal growth skills.  I share the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of our heart and wellbeing using a rich wellbeing toolbox which has been studied, practiced, taught and gathered over forty years of experience in the corporate business and alternative health sectors.”

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Ava MondalAva Mondal

Ava started her yoga journey over 10 years ago after it being recommended by a colleague and since attending her first ever class was hooked. ‘I remember crying during some yoga classes, not because it hurt (it didn’t) but because blocked up tension in the body was being released’

After being inspired by many teachers a well as overcoming a difficult time in her life, Ava felt the time was right to start teaching.

Ava believes with such busy lives yoga has the ability to create that personal time to connect to oneself as well as others, centre the mind and transform. And has since set up ‘it’s our time yoga’, focusing on yoga, meditation, massage and wellness, because yoga is for everyone. Ava offers restorative yoga classes and vinyasa flow yoga linking the breath to movement which is interactive, fun and with the odd joke thrown in leaving students refreshed and feeling the positive benefits of the practice, and believes yoga class doesn’t have to be so serious!

Ava is also qualified to offer holistic therapies in Indian Head Massage and Swedish Body Massage to help relax and de-stress.

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vibhuVibhu Kundra

I am a 200 hr certified Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher experienced in teaching corporate yoga, private classes and group classes in and around London.

Influenced by my eastern soul and western mind I aim to bring a sense of balance in day to day lives through my teaching. Through positive intention and a well-rounded asana, pranayama and meditation/mantra practice my goal is to have my students leave each class with a greater sense of present, where they are able to see, feel and breathe more clearly and openly.

I teach in a way that provokes thought and meaning, letting the students experience their true self. I use a good mix of English and Sanskrit language making the classes more authentic for a blissful experience. I aim to continue living a yogic lifestyle be it through asana practice, chanting mantras or devotion to that Supreme Being and lead my classes in a way that reflects that choice.

You can find me on Facebook via

Call me on 07831031756 or email me on to arrange Private or corporate yoga class

Join me for group classes at BGM Entertainment, 73 St John St, Farringdon, EC1M 4NJ. Classes every Monday from 6-7pm. Try first class for FREE!

GeorgieGeorgie Dyen

Georgie G Deyn is a singer, healer, teacher, and channel of Love in its purest forms. She works with the Light and Sound of the Highest Realms, including the Archangels, Seraphim and that of the Divine. She has been inspired to channel Angelic Harmony Therapy, a celestial sound healing, into fruition by the light.

Since 1999, Georgie has worked with groups and individuals of all ages to help them connect to their most Divine selves; healing and inspiring through meditation, music and movement as well as the messages she brings through from her angels, guides and Divine Feminine collective consciousness.

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After spending many years disillusioned with life Andre decided to explore Meditation as a way to find greater Peace and Happiness. He used Transcendental Meditation as the effortlessness of the technique appealed to him greatly.
However, so profound was his initial experience both in meditation and out in activity of everyday life…He couldn’t help but explore further
Over the following 8 years whilst sticking to a simple formula of meditating twice a day for just 20 minutes he found not only increased levels of Peace and Contentment but a new found Happiness that increased with each passing day.
In 2016, Andre became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation teaching in Wimbledon and Richmond for the Meditation Trust.
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“My own experience of stress led me initially to the path of Ayurveda when the quest for inner peace and balance became almost urgent. As if by miracle I was made redundant that accelerated my way into the world of alternative medicine, spirituality and self development. I then went on to embark on a 5 year Ayurvedic Medicine degree through which I came into close association with Yoga at the Special Yoga Centre where I trained as a Yoga Teacher. I now practice and teach both Yoga & Ayurveda integrating both sciences for better physical, mental and emotional wellbeing”.
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